United Spinal Association’s Urology Coalition was created to help achieve high quality healthcare for people with disabilities that will lead to improved health outcomes and increased independence.

The mission of the Urology Coalition is to counter restricted consumer access to medical supplies under Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. The Urology Coalition consists of urological medical technology suppliers and manufacturers, as well as clinician, physician, and consumer and disability advocates. The Urology Coalition will take action on health policy matters that:

  • are in the best interests of high quality care that maximize function and independent living for people with disabilities;
  • can provide people with disabilities with their choice of, and access to, the prescribed and medically appropriate urological medical technology and supplies

Working closely with consumer and disability advocates, providers and manufacturers of continence care products and the physician and clinical communities, the Coalition has agreed to work within the regulatory and/or legislative framework to address coverage, coding and payment policy changes as they relate to urological medical technology and supplies, medical documentation improvements and standards of care.

In order to develop a set of principles about urological medical technology and supplies that can provide consumers with disabilities with their choice of and access to medically appropriate urological medical technology and supplies, the Coalition promotes reform in the following areas:

United Spinal Association and United Spinal’s Urology Coalition want to ensure that all individuals with a medical condition or disability requiring urological prosthetic supplies have access to the supplies prescribed by their health care providers. We ask that policymakers:

  • Recognize that individuals require access to catheter prosthetic supplies that meet their specific medical needs, and that such products are not generic, one-type-fits-all commodities.
  • Ensure Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurers within state/federal health care exchange marketplaces cover the full range of prescribed catheter prosthetic supplies, and do so in a manner that is not economically burdensome for the consumer.
  • Ensure fair Medicare and Medicaid coding and coverage processes that recognize the function of urological medical supplies and will permit new innovative urological technologies to come to market.

Urology Coalition Members

ABC Home Medical
Adapta Medical
Apple West Home Medical Supply
CR Bard
Cure Medical
J&R Medical
Teleflex Medical
Wellspect Healthcare

Consumer Groups
Simon Foundation for Continence
United Spinal Association

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