our peer mentor training at Helen Hayes Rehab Hospital

On November 16th, United Spinal hosted a peer mentor training session at Helen Hayes Rehabilitation Hospital.

During the training, United Spinal highlighted mentor responsibilities; code of behavior; how to maintain confidentiality; effective communication skills; self disclosure and boundaries; SMART goal setting; and suicide awareness and prevention.

Attendees included those who have overcome the challenges of living spinal cord injury (SCI), traumatic brain injury, and other disabilities. They learned how they can assist their fellow peers through extensive role playing and small group activities.

Lindsey Elliott, MSW, United Spinal’s director of Member Initiatives hosts our peer mentor trainings. Each year, Elliott coordinates training sessions at United Spinal hospital member facilities across the country.

The program connects newly injured or diagnosed individuals with mentors knowledgeable about living with disability. The training equips prospective mentors with the tools to help others discover better health, independence, and well-being. It teaches mentors the skills and knowledge needed to help peers in the SCI/D community adjust to life after paralysis.

“The program’s growth and success makes me proud. Our attendees are passionate about giving back to their community. It motivates me to help them become great mentors,” said Elliott.

Newly injured individuals can request a peer mentor online, helping us reach individuals with long distance support, especially those who have trouble traveling.

United Spinal’s Peer Mentor Training program is made possible through support from Hollister Incorporated.

For more information on requesting peer support, visit www.unitedspinal.org/peer-mentoring/.

Learn how to become a peer mentor, contact Lindsey Elliott at lelliott@unitedspinal.org.