Stiltz Home Wheelchair Lifts

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964 Postal Road, Allentown, Pennsylvania


Stiltz Home Wheelchair Lifts is a manufacturer of a unique range of home elevators that are designed for residential use and an ideal alternative to stairlifts or users with walkers or rollators.

The Stiltz Trio Elevator selection includes the Classic which is compact with 13.5 square feet but spacious enough to accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair, the Vista – with clear back to give it a modern look – and Thru Car that allows the user to enter and exit from both sides of the lift on different floors.

Our innovative series of wheelchair lifts can be installed virtually anywhere in the home because they do not use hydraulics or require an external wall, pit shaft or vacuum systems.

The Stiltz range of home elevators are self-supporting structure that travel on dual rails and are powered by a normal 110v or 220v power outlet like a normal household appliance.

It can take just one day for a Stiltz Trio Wheelchair Lift to be installed in the home.

Every Stiltz residential elevator includes all safety features as standard, as well as a remote control to call and send the lift, a half height door, LED downlights, a full height light curtain, battery back-up system in case of a power cut and an interior telephone too.

There are also optional extras such as a fold down seat, interior grab rail and full height door. Stiltz Home Wheelchair Lifts also offer a range of colours for your lift at an additional cost to suit any decor in your home.