Maximizing Rehabilitation Outcomes – Reforming Rehabilitation and Improving Lives

Across the spinal cord injury and disorders (SCI/D) community, the United Spinal Association and our partners support maximizing individuals’ health and functional rehabilitation outcomes in order to increase their independence. Increased independence furthers education and employment opportunities and enhances the ability of individuals with SCI/D to integrate more fully into communities and to contribute to the economy.

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Driving Forward with United Spinal Association: Self-Driving Vehicles, Accessible Technology and the Disability Community
United Spinal is working in concert with the public and private sectors to develop and deploy universal accessible AVs as quickly as possible to provide transportation to historically underserved populations, especially wheelchair users.
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Join the Congressional Bipartisan Disabilities Caucus
The primary purpose of the Caucus is to inform, educate and raise awareness on issues affecting people with disabilities.

Additional Priorities

Support the Civil Rights of People with Disabilities #disabilityintegrationact
The Disability Integration Act – S.117/H.R. 555 specifies in Federal Statute that people with disabilities have a federally protected right to a real choice in how and where they receive community services and supports.

Take Back our Air Travel Rights #ACAAA #airtravelrights #accessibletravel
Support the Air Carrier Access Amendments Act – S. 669/H.R. 1549 – which provides consumer protections and assistance in air travel for passengers with disabilities.

Complex Rehab Technology Bills – #CRT