In celebration of Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month, we’re showcasing individuals who exemplify the strength of our community. They advocate for greater independence for wheelchair users and prove life with SCI only slows you down if you allow it.

Kenny Salvini, Washington

“I’m not confined to this wheelchair. This wheelchair gets me out doing life and living a life I could never imagine when I first got hurt.”

Shannon Minnick, Maryland

“They always see what we can’t do and not what we can do. But I’ve done things in my life that I never thought I could do as a person walking and I’m doing it as a person that uses a wheelchair.”

Quinn Brett, Colorado

“I am healing. It might be slow, but I recognize life still goes on. The space between the tears gets bigger and there’s more smiles and more joy.”

Elvis Segarra, Puerto Rico

“The biggest mistake wheelchair users can make is to stay home. Staying home weakens us physically and emotionally. We need to be out; we need to move; we need to refocus on a better quality of life.”