The state of Pennsylvania’s spinal cord injury community gained a big win this month as $1 million in annual appropriations from the state budget have been designated to fund innovative research towards therapies for the functional improvements of those living with paralysis.

Pennsylvania members of United Spinal’s Grassroots Advocacy Network, along with leadership from Unite 2 Fight Paralysis over a two-year long fight, and others in the SCI community, successfully reached out to members of the Pennsylvania legislature to support this important allocation. United Spinal also wrote a letter of support for the Spinal Cord Disability Research Grant Program (SB.31 and HB 385).

United Spinal has three chapters and multiple hospital member partners and institutes in Pennsylvania. As the home to a large number of scientists and labs working in this important field, Pennsylvania now stands to continue their legacy as leaders in medical innovation and devices as we move closer to deliverable treatments for paralysis from spinal cord injury.

United Spinal_PA Spinal Cord Disability Research Grant Program