Happy New Year to our friends and advocates!

With a new Presidential Administration coming on board in just a couple of days, we face both new challenges and opportunities on a whole range of public policy issues.

Our unified voice in Washington can make a difference on the issues that matter to you. We count on people like you to guide us by letting us know what matters to you. Please take a few minutes of your time to fill out United Spinal’s 2017 Public Policy Survey.

Take The Survey

Individually, people with disabilities represent a wide range of diversity, but as a community, we have common barriers to overcome and needs to fulfill. The survey results will help identify our common challenges so we can set priorities for 2017 and for this year’s Roll on Capitol Hill.

We need to share our concerns with policymakers, the White House and federal agencies. Ultimately, your input helps highlight the concerns and challenges for both this generation and beyond.