Paul Tobin, CEO United Spinal and Jeff Leonard CEO, New Mobility at merger announcementAt a buzzing reception during the Independence Expo in Orlando, Fla., on Oct. 1, the brass at United Spinal Association and New Mobility magazine officially announced the partnership of the two organizations to others in the disability field.

“New Mobility brings readers the latest news on wheelchair lifestyle, activism, equipment, resources, and all the things necessary so that someone with a disability can live actively in their community,” said Paul J. Tobin, president and CEO of United Spinal. “United Spinal’s partnership with New Mobility offers new and exciting opportunities to convey our message of independence and advocacy to the disability community. That’s why today, I’m thrilled to announce this partnership and that we will be working together with New Mobility well into the future.”

Jeff Leonard, publisher of New Mobility added, “This is a very exciting day for New Mobility. This magazine has grown from a small publication to become the voice of the disability community. Partnering with United Spinal allows us to do things that we never thought were possible. I thank everyone that has supported New Mobility over the years and look forward to our partnership with United Spinal.”

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