Grassroots Advocacy Update: Opportunities for Legislative EngagementAs we start the fall season, it’s a good time to follow up with your legislators about the issues that mean the most to you. Members of the Oregon Chapter and staff of United Spinal teamed up with representatives from Permobil, Numotion, and Providence Health to discuss S.1223 the Protecting Beneficiary Access to Complex Rehab Technology Act with Senator Wyden’s office. As ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Wyden and his staff have unique insight into opportunities for bill movement and support. By following up with Senator Wyden’s staff post-ROCH and teaming with relevant CRT industry leaders, our Oregon United Spinal members and staff further developed their relationship with the office and had opportunities to share their stories as constituents. Think about getting a group together to speak up about the issues that are priorities in your community.

— Brook McCall, MPH, Grassroots Advocacy Manager