Enabling People with Disabilities in Maryland to Work and Contribute to Their Care

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Please read the following story about Josh Basile, a quadriplegic, and a campaign to help Marylanders with disabilities work without barriers and limits, and without fear of losing their caregiving.

Josh Basile life was paralyzed in 2004 by a wave in the ocean. He only has limited movement in his right arm enough to control a motorized wheelchair. In order to live safely in the community Josh requires both nursing and attendant assistance 365 days a year. Without it, he would is unable to complete everyday tasks such as eating, transferring, showering, and using the bathroom.

Josh Basile

Josh Basile

After returning home from the hospital Josh attended local community college, eventually graduating from University of Maryland College Park, and then pursued law school. Despite his severe paralysis, he graduated magna cum laude from law school and now works as a trial attorney with Jack H. Olender & Associates.

For Josh working is only possible with enrollment in Maryland’s Medicaid buy-in program also known as Employed Individuals with Disabilities (EID). The EID program has strict rules on how much you can make, how much you can save and getting married. Failure to comply with these rules results in the loss of all Medicaid healthcare, nursing and attendant care supports.

To remove the unfair rules and to improve the EID program, Josh and other disability advocates recently created a campaign called “Willing to Work”.

Please be a part of this campaign by joining our Maryland team of advocates. Your voice and story are needed to persuade your elected representatives and to convince the public that changes are needed now. By taking a few minutes to share your EID struggles and successes, or aspirations of future employment, we can improve the current rules and regulations to better our working futures!

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