U.S. Rehab, a division of VGM Group, Inc., is a membership network of independent complex rehab providers. Our membership encompasses more than 1,300 independently-owned rehab locations that provide quality custom or complex rehab equipment.

As a Member Service Organization, our mission is to foster lasting relationships that help our members and vendor partners build alliances for strong business. We strive to assist our complex rehab partners with services that allow them to operate more efficiently and increase profitability.

We understand the daily challenges that our members face. U.S. Rehab has access to experts who understands the HME and CRT industries and are dedicated to researching and understanding market dynamics to give our members a competitive advantage.

Our promise is to be a leading industry advocate and to connect our members to business services, solutions and experts that allow them to compete, prosper and succeed effectively now and in the future. We want our members to focus on what they do best, which is providing quality care to patients.