Ultimate Workout and Recovery provides you the best achievable or imaginable result of its kind. That’s exactly what the team at Ultimate Workout and Recovery has delivered!

Whether you’re maintaining, improving or recovering your physical and mental strength, get fit in the comfort of your own home from your chair, bed, recliner or wheelchair. Our modular, resistance band driven workout and recovery products are perfect for any age, ability or level of athleticism.

Get Fit and Stay Fit. In a Chair or in a Bed!

Bulk discounts for vets and kids organizations!

Ultimate Workout And Recovery and
The In Bed and Chair Recovery Foundation

Who Benefits:

  • Wounded warriors and veterans
  • Athletes
  • Paraplegics and spinal cord injuries, and bariatric patients
  • Cancer and immune-compromised patients
  • Stay-At-Home Mothers
  • Care Givers
  • Occupational and Physical Therapists
  • Senior Centers
  • Nursing Homes
  • Veterans Hospitals
  • Rehab Clinics
  • Fitness Enthusiasts
  • Personal Trainers
  • Chiropractors
  • Anywhere this unit would aid those Stuck-In-Bed achieve maximum fitness and recovery

We have units for the bed, chair and wheelchair.

he Advantages of Cutting Edge Tech!

  • Avoid fall risks for patients or clients
  • Minimize and eliminate back injury to nurse’s aides
  • Save transport time from patient room to therapy unit
  • Transportable from one patient bed to another
  • Zero impact on joints
  • Strength, range of motion, cardio conditioning
  • Work out upper body or lower body or both
  • Get into and out of bed safely
  • PTs & OTs – Stand out from the competition
  • Clinics, Rehab Centers – Save money
  • 100 different uses: Injured athletes, seniors, disabled folks, each of plenty of workouts to chose from
  • Quick workout
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to store
  • Use in a recliner, bed or wheelchair
  • No free weight risks
  • Can be used unassisted
  • Variable resistance for all ages and stages…kids or seniors alike
  • Helps alleviate depression for anyone short or long term sedentary