Tornado Body Dryer

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Location Location: Indiana – Sales: Nationwide

Tornado Body Dryer is the only in-shower body dryer specifically designed for use in the USA. It can be installed directly inside the shower, or outside of the shower. Additionally, it can be installed on any wall (corner wall, or non-corner wall).

Corner Mounted Tornado Body DryerIndividuals with limited mobility and dexterity find it a challenge to towel dry. Contorting to reach their back and legs is frustrating, painful and a safety hazard. Those who submit to assistance, suffer the loss of privacy and dignity. Use the Tornado Body Dryer and dry in pleasure instead of pain!

Because of the patented air flow design, wheelchair users find they do not have to rotate their chair around in the shower. The swirling air reaches all exposed body areas even when the chair remains stationary, drying both the person and the chair!

How It Works

The top of the dryer (called the “pod”) contains a heating element, a fan and a motor to power the fan. Attached to the underside of the pod and forming the leg of the dryer is an air tube. The air tube contains holes, or air jets. When the dryer is turned on, the fan forces warmed air down the tube and out of the air jets. The specially designed air tube causes the air to circulate in a swirling motion throughout your shower and the force of air is almost the same at the bottom as that exiting near the top, thus promoting the even drying of the entire body from head to toes. The design of the air tube and the resulting air flow is so unique that it has been granted a patent!

The dryer is perfectly safe to install and operate within the shower. To ensure safety, the dryer must be installed by a qualified electrician following the instructions provided, which include routing the electrical cable outside the shower area and connecting to a power source utilizing a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter).

The Tornado Body Dryer does not forcefully blow the water off of your body lik e some of the newer hand dryers, or lik e you are in a car wash. Rather, it produces a gentle, warm breeze that dries you byaccelerating the evaporation of the moisture on your body and also any fixtures within the shower enclosure.