The Here and Now Project is a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run by a team of dedicated volunteers. Our mission is to connect and empower the paralysis community in the Pacific Northwest. Through private support groups, community activities and larger annual gatherings, we have built a fellowship of Survivors and Supporters who encourage and inspire each other to Do Life in the Here and Now.

The Here and Now Project is breaking through the isolation often experienced after a spinal cord injury by connecting people whose lives have been affected by paralysis. Between our rotating calendar of private support meetings, seasonal gatherings and activities, and larger annual meet ups, we are building a fellowship where the interchange of experience, strength and hope empowers us as we strive for an enhanced, more accessible life.

Our fellowship of support doesn’t end with those directly affected by paralysis; their loved ones need support, too. Like the mobile above a child’s crib, when one person experiences such a drastic life shift, the entire family is sent spinning. This is why we designate time at our meetings for families and spouses as well.

The Here and Now Project arranges and schedules numerous events and meet ups designed to encourage participation, education, and socialization.