TalkTablet comes pre-loaded with 9 SLP designed user vocabulary sets including 16, 24, 32, 42 and 48 buttons per page so you can start communicating immediately. Of course, you can modify any of the provided vocabularies, or you can create a brand new one from scratch.

TalkTabletThe following vocabulary sets are INCLUDED with TalkTablet. Enjoy!!

About Gus Communication Devices, Inc.

Gus Communication Devices (GCD) has been a leader in the field of AAC/speech software development for over 21 years. Currently, GCD offers the internet’s largest selection of speech software and devices.

TalkTablet is a fully-featured AAC speech/communication solution for people who have difficulty communicating (speaking) as a result of autism, aphasia, Down Syndrome, stroke, laryngectomy or any other condition. TalkTablet generates speech output by offering buttons that contain words or phrases, or by using the tablet’s on-screen keyboard. Buttons can contain pictures, text, photographs or any one of the over 11,000+ SymbolStix communication symbols included with this app.

* TalkTablet is the only fully featured symbols-based AAC speech app that is available for all tablet types, including iOS (Apple), Android, Windows, Kindle and Google Chromebooks.

* TalkTablet includes our FREE button and page sharing service that enable users to share buttons and pages with other TalkTablet users regardsless of the device type….iPad, Android, Windows, Kindle and Google Chromebooks.

* TalkTablet includes FREE lifetime technical support through our toll free phone line (866-487-1006), email ( and LIVEchat! support at

* Absolutely SIMPLE button and page setup and editing

* Create multiple vocabularies with a single app. Create individual vocabularies with password protection.

* Includes over 30,000+ communication symbols from SymbolStix, the #1 rated communication symbol library.

* User defined button properties. Each button and page has it’s own colors, borders, fonts etc.

* Create buttons that are dimmed or invisible.

* iOS version includes full switch scanning support for 1 or 2 switches.

* Includes 9 pre-configured SLP designed user vocabularies with 16-48 buttons per page.