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Location Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Swivel Chair Models:

The swiv-L-slide™ chair assists those with mobility needs. This innovative chair is perfect for aged care, disability care or in-home care. It incorporates a unique, patented “swivel-slide” mechanism: the seat rotates to provide easy access, then effortlessly slides you close to the table. The chair legs are fixed and stable at all times!

No more dragging or shoving a chair closer to the table edge. This stable, four-leg mobility aid can be independently-operated by the user. Be seated with ease. No more dragging or shoving your chair up to the table.

The chair is positioned away from the table for easy access. The seat rotates to the left or right to accommodate the user. It slowly turns to face the table then carries the user forward to a lockable position at a comfortable distance from the table edge. To exit the chair, a lever on the side of the seat is lifted and the seat glides back from the table. The seat then rotates away from the table, allowing safe and easy exit.

Swive-L-Slide Swivel Safety Lock

The swivel lock holds the chair seat firmly in position for safe sitting and standing. This lever can be adapted for left or right hand application.

  • Position the chair facing the table so the arms are 2″ from the table edge.
  • Turn the seat left or right to meet the user. The seat will lock for safety. When seated, lift swivel lever A and rotate the chair to face the table.
  • Lift slide lever B to move the seat forward. Release the lever and the seat will lock in the first position. To move closer to the table, lift the lever, slide forward to the second position, then release the lever again.
  • To exit the chair, lift the slide lever and glide the seat back. The seat rotates left or right, locking for safe exit.