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Smirthwaite USA has been designing, manufacturing and selling equipment for children and young people with special needs since 1986.

Every product is made to order and given individual care and attention from the day it arrives to the day it leaves the factory and beyond… We are firm believers in well-made products that are easy to use and, importantly, can stand the test of time. For added convenience we have produced product user guides and videos which are available to download.

Our products come in a variety of amazing colours to brighten up any child’s room (or to simply to allow them to choose and enjoy their favorite color chair, for example).

Much of the equipment available for special needs children is complex, difficult to use and expensive to maintain. We think that’s wrong and believe we have challenged this approach with our unique easy to use modular designs.


Postural Seating – Standing Frames – Tables & Desks – Toileting and Bathing – Changing & Showering – Therapy & Stools

Some of the Smirthwaite USA Products

The Brookfield Chair
The Brookfield chair is a robust chair for children from 2 years old to adults who require moderate levels of postural support when seated. The Brookfield has a unique moulded back as standard to promote central alignment whilst your child is seated. The Brookfield offers seat height and depth adjustability. As an additional feature, the back can also be adjusted in height. This allows even greater flexibility and enables the chair to grow with your child.

Smirthwaite USA SunniSunni Cafeteria Chair
The Sunni cafeteria chair is all about inclusion, it has designed along side the charity Cerebra, to give children the opportunity to eat and socialise with their friends during school break times instead of eating separately in their own chairs. Sunni uses a simple attachment to cafeteria stools using adjustable brackets, it has been designed to fit round cafeteria chairs. It comes complete with a three-point harness and armrests that can be lifted for access when placing the child into the seat. Sunni can be easily picked up and manoeuvred when tidying the canteen away after use.

Smirthwaite USA Study DeskStudy Desk
Our range of desks have been designed to fit in to the school and home environment. The contemporary beauty of wood and the quality of the design enables our desks to stand the test of time. The Study Desk has been cleverly designed to allow your child to take part in various activities. The desk also contains ample storage space, so books and toys can be hidden away after they have been used. The Study Desk can be used with a variety of chairs, particularly the Heathfield and the Brookfield.

Smirthwaite USA Buddy StanderBuddy Size 2 Stander
Buddy size 2 is an entry-level vertical stander. Designed for young children (please use technical data for sizing), who require low to moderate levels of support whilst weight bearing. Its design allows it to be used as a hip stander suitable for targeting therapy for the development of specific areas such as trunk and shoulder girdle stability and head control. The Buddy size 2 is very slimline so can be used in schools enabling your child to perform numerous activities without feeling isolated from friends. Its colour and friendly character also brightens up any room.

Smirthwaite USA Combi Adjustable ArmchairCombi Toileting Chair
Combi toileting chair is a great starter chair. Its design enables it to be used as a supportive chair whilst at the same time providing numerous features to assist your child with the everyday toileting needs. The Combi toileting chair’s design also incorporates a potty for younger children. This can easily be removed to provide a commode seat for children who have progressed their toilet training.

Smirthwaite USA Therapy BenchesTherapy Bench
Our popular height and angle adjustable therapy bench is designed to assist in a wide range of children’s therapy programmes both at home and school. Knee blocks can be added to provide lower leg stability. The bench can be set at different heights and all adjustments can be made quickly and easily. Available in 3 sizes and colours to brighten any therapy room.