Power Access Corporation


P.O. Box 1050, New Hartford, Connecticut, USA 06057


Open Doors for Everyone with America’s Durable Door Openers™

Model 2300 residential and Model 4300 commercial automatic door openers work with wall plates, switches, keypads, radio-operated hand controls and almost any activation method. Power Access continues to be the premier provider of automatic door openers for four decades, with many thousands of installations.

  • For interior or exterior doors
  • Easy installation and retrofit
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • Wired and wireless controls
  • Programmable open, close & hold times
  • Standard 115 VAC current

For over thirty years, Power Access has manufactured automatic door openers and related door controls to help those handicapped and others who need assistance through doors with side hinges. To date, many thousands of Power Access openers have been built and installed throughout the USA and Canada. Wheelchair and scooter users are now able to open their doors to independence with ease and economy.

Installation of a Power Access automatic door opener unit is usually quite simple. However, an extensive network of dealers who are familiar with the Power Access door opener is also available to select the proper unit for the application, install it and back it up with service, if needed.