Piers Park Sailing Center

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Phone Number 617-561-6677
Location East Boston, Massachusetts

Located on the waterfront in East Boston, Massachusetts, Piers Park Sailing Center (PPSC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community sailing center dedicated to providing 100% accessible recreational, educational, and personal growth opportunities for people of all ages and abilities in Boston Harbor. We empower participants in our programs to become stewards of a stronger community, advocates for a healthy Boston Harbor, and leaders of individual and family wellness. Inclusive empowerment through community sailing.

The Adaptive Sailing Program at Piers Park Sailing Center is a nationally recognized non-profit sailing program which has served over one thousand people with disabilities since the program’s inception. US Sailing has awarded PPSC Best Community Program for Disabled Sailors and PPSC maintains its status as a Paralympic Sports Club.


Youth & Young Adult

Piers Park Sailing Center provides fully inclusive educational programs for under-served youth who are at-risk or living with a disability.

Programming is available to students through inclusive field trips, summer programming, family outings, and in-school programs designed to compliment curriculum.

In all of our Youth Development Programs children with disabilities will participate with his or her same aged peers. Instructors adapt their teaching styles, provide additional equipment or staff if needed.

We recognize that there are very few recreational opportunities for children with disabilities. PPSC is proud to serve adaptive youth from East Boston and surrounding communities.


Formal lessons such as our 21 hour course are offered inclusively throughout the year. Want to learn more? Call 617-561-6677 or email info@piersparksailing.org.