The Perfect Step Paralysis Recovery Centers

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1775 N. Monte Vista Ave., Claremont, CA 91711


Our Mission
To do whatever it takes to help people with paralysis regain their independence and personal confidence in who they are.

Our Story
The Perfect Step began in a small converted racquetball court in 2007 to provide therapy to Hal Hargrave after a tragic automobile accident. The local paralysis community took notice which sparked the creation of what is now known as The Perfect Step – a 7000 square-foot facility that treats paralysis along with many different neurological ailments and illnesses.

Why You Should Train at The Perfect Step
Most therapy for paralysis is based on old-school science designed to make life more comfortable inside your wheelchair. At The Perfect Step we leverage the latest data and discoveries to push the limits of what is possible for people living with paralysis so you can live your healthiest life.YWheelchair Free
All exercises are performed with you out of your wheelchair to get your body moving and build your strength.

Retrain Your Brain
We use the science of PNAR (Patterned Neural Activity Recruitment™) to reorganize your nervous system and/or rebuild your brains pathways to get more tangible outcomes than traditional therapy

Get Expert Help
You’re in good hands with our “Certified Paralysis Recovery Specialists™” – they’ve spent thousands of hours helping people like you.

Join a Community
You’ll join a community of people who are passionately committed to living life to the fullest despite the reality of paralysis.