Northeast Rehabilitation Health Network


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Inpatient Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Program
Northeast Rehab’s Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Program provides comprehensive acute inpatient rehab and medical management to meet the needs of those who have had a spinal cord injury due to trauma or illness.

We Specialize in Spinal Cord Rehab
We strongly believe that our patients deserve high quality, compassionate care. In order to meet the unique needs of patients recovering from a spinal cord injury, we have specially trained staff to manage the physical and emotional needs of each patient.

Our therapists are continuously trained in the latest advances in the treatment of individuals who have a spinal cord injury and use the latest advances in their rehabilitation. Our team includes respiratory therapists who address the breathing challenges faced by many patients with spinal cord injury.

Our staff also include Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses (CCRN).  This means that patients and families can feel confident in their rehab nurse’s level of expertise with patients who have survived a spinal cord injury.

Technology and Specialty Services
LiteGait – a therapy device which helps patients walk before they are able to support their own body weight
Bioness H200 and L300– devices to aid in recovery of arm and leg function
Onsite Brace Clinic
Onsite Seating and Mobility Clinic
Onsite Spasticity Management Services – treatment for muscle dysfunction resulting in tightness, increased tone, and resistance to stretch
Onsite Pain Management Clinic
Patient and Family Support
Peer visits by others who have recovered from a spinal cord injury
Patient and Family Education Series
Connections to Independent Living Centers and National Spinal Cord Injury Association: Granite State Independent Living ( and Northeast Independent Living ( )
Connections to community support groups for those who have survived a spinal cord injury and their family members
Home accessibility assessments