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Memorial’s inpatient spinal cord injury (SCI) rehabilitation program is an interdisciplinary treatment program for people recovering from an SCI. To address the many life changes brought about by SCI, we’ve designed an intensive treatment program focusing on the patient and the family.

Significant physical, emotional and sometimes cognitive changes are observed in the weeks following an SCI. Our focus is to train the patient to resume basic functions of daily living. We emphasize techniques for bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, toileting and mobility including wheelchair skills and walking when appropriate.

Our program is individualized to a person’s needs including three to five hours of therapy each day. Activities may include home evaluations, community reintegration outings, peer support groups, bi-weekly educational classes and peer mentors. Rehabilitation of SCI centers around an atmosphere of regaining control over one’s life. With this focus, once patients have been educated and cleared for certain activities in preparation for discharge home, they are given the responsibility for these activities. Examples would include independently completing flexibility exercises or dressing themselves.