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Phone Number 817-237-9991
Location Azle, Texas

Mealtime Partner Dining SystemsThe Mealtime Partner Assistive Dining Device is a robotic eating aid that serves a wide variety of commonly accepted table foods that are normally eaten with a spoon or fork.

Peas, mashed potatoes, breakfast cereal, pudding, fruit cocktail, and other similar foods are all easily served with the Partner. Larger foods like meats, pizza, cookies and salads are also easily served once they are cut into bite size pieces. It can serve a texture controlled diet equally well.

The ability of food self-selection and the capacity to set ones own pace in eating can potentially ameliorate some of the undernourishment and/or gastric problems, as well as some of the risks of aspiration and choking that are associated with being fed, that often occur for people who are fed.

Advantages of using the Mealtime Partner Assistive Dining Device:

● Easy to use (no complicated coordination of switch activation with lights or sounds)
● Very safe to use (uses a shatterproof plastic spoon and very low spoon extension force)
● Multiple/versatile mounting and positioning methods enable use by any user who is able to chew and swallow normally
● Quick and easy to learn how to setup and use (comes with an instructional video on DVD)
● The Partner is very patient – it will never rush the user (a spoon touch sensor tells the device when the user has finished taking food from the spoon)
● Very reliable operation (will last for many years)
● For children, versatile positioning and adjustable timing allow the Partner to grow with the child into adulthood
● Technical support before and after purchase