New Orleans Chapter of United Spinal is a voice of help, hope and healing – the organization that professionals, survivors and families turn to for awareness, advocacy and resources – and the only organization of our kind statewide. In 2011, BIALA became affiliated with the Brain Injury Association of America, which is the country’s oldest and largest nationwide brain injury advocacy organization.

BIALA is also the state’s exclusive affiliate/ chapter of the United Spinal Association, as of June 2015. These affiliations are meaningful because they reaffirm our commitment to our constituents that we advocate for them on a national level as well as statewide and locally.

Support Groups for those Living with Brain or Spinal Cord Injury
The purpose of a support group is to provide an environment in which members can share emotions and experiences and support one another for the mutual benefit of the total group. A successful support group is one in which the individual members feel emotionally supported, provide support to other members, receive information that helps them manage their situation, and develop ways to cope.

Groups vary widely in size and format. The most important aspects of the support group are confidentiality, mutual trust, understanding, involvement of members helping each other and getting the information and support they need.