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Livi Automatic Pill DispenserLivi is a smart home medication dispenser designed for both patients and their caregivers.

It simplifies managing multiple medications for patients while giving caregivers much needed support. With thoughtful design and numerous features to help patients take their medications more consistently, Livi is equally attentive to capabilities to help care givers – whether family, professional, or both – monitor and manage medication dispensing remotely. Independence with Peace of Mind.



  • 90-day supplies eliminates weekly sorting
  • Handles 15 different pills of a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Lockable pill compartment limits access to stored medications -Remotely view on-hand supply anytime, with reminders for refilling

Schedule & Dosing

  • Customizable, on-the-hour dosing schedules (up to 24 dosing periods each day)
  • Manages as-needed medication (aka PRN’s) limiting access to controlled substances
  • Additional reminders for items not stored in Livi (ointments, eye drops, etc.)
  • Step-by-step travel pack dispensing for an afternoon away or up to 14 days away from home

Alerts & Reports

  • Visual (flashing) button and audible (multi-volume tone) alerts when medications are due
  • Displays medication name and instructions for each dose as it is dispensed
  • Text or email alerts to caregivers when medications are late, missed or dispensed
  • Text or email alerts to caregivers when lockable device cover is opened
  • Refill alerts via text or email when inventory levels become low and critically low
  • Reports and statistics about medication adherence and audit history of device interaction


  • No WiFi required; Nationwide AT&T cellular data connection included*
  • Access from any web browser to remotely view, schedule and monitor medication dispensing
  • Livi secure cloud stores medication history for easy sharing with physicians and other caregivers

* Note: AT&T cellular service must be available and in-range for device to operate properly.