Iowa Chapter – a community of people living with spinal cord injury/disease/disorder, medical professionals, family members, and caregivers..

What we do:

  • Host annual events and programs that promote mobility, networking and socialization
    • Event examples: bowling outings, sports & recreation expo, social dinners
    • Program examples: free equipment rental, peer mentoring
  • Provide members with statewide information, pertinent to people with spinal cord injury/disease/disorder.
    • Examples: newsletter, website, facebook
  • Creating a community for people impacted by spinal cord injury/disease/disorder.
    • Examples: resource center, advocacy & outreach, peer connections, community awareness, partnering with other state organizations

Mission Statement:

Iowa Chapter of United Spinal Association is an organization connecting individuals impacted by or living with spinal cord injury. Members empower each other to access active and healthy lifestyles