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This information is meant for adults.

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Sex after spinal cord injury is easily attainable with the IntimateRider.

IntimateRiderThe magic is the combination of seat height, seat depth and the geometry of the gliding action. Sex after Spinal Cord Injury will be better than you ever dreamed possible. The IntimateRider was designed by a C6-C7 quadriplegic with limited arm movement and no trunk or leg muscle control in order to provide great sex after spinal cord injury.

If you can brace your arm against your leg, your partner’s body or something next to you, the IntimateRider will move with very little pushing effort causing your pelvis to move for easy thrusting during sex after spinal cord injury. It’s important to position your legs so they bend at the knees and your partner’s body helps keep them stable.

If you can transfer in and out of a car or on and off a standard height toilet seat you should be able to transfer on and off the IntimateRider. It helps to position the unit close to the bed or something you can use for support if you need to. The seat is short so you will want to take it slow. We have many quadriplegics who can transfer by themselves who use it with ease and have discovered a life of great sex after spinal cord injury.