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EZ Transport ChairThe RH3500 EZ Transport Chair serves as a stretcher, exam table, and chair for your medical transport and mobility requirements.

Understandably, facilities would prefer to use their own transport vehicles rather than an outside transport vendor providing a Non-Emergency Stretcher Ambulance. But, until now, this has not been possible.

The RH3500 EZ Transport (Stretcher) Chair utilizes a NO LIFT system that solves most of these TRANSPORT ISSUES.

The RH3500 EZ Transport Chair is Designed to be used in a Health Care Environment and is Manufactured and Tested to the Highest Standards.

  • The RH3500 is constructed out of aluminum
  • The aluminum is both strong and lightweight to allow chair to be easily maneuvered
  • The frame is powder coated, easily cleaned
  • The fabric is health care grade, 4 way stretch that is both vapor permeable and moisture
    resistant. It is also anti-bacterial characteristic
  • The gas spring that operate the head, foot and Trendelenburg sections are 1000 and
    500 newtons respectfully
  • The side rails are designed to retract rotationally and drop down below the seat cushion
  • The armrest pads are designed to provide the proper concave surface for dialysis or other
    medical treatments
  • The concave head positioning pillow provides for proper head and neck support
  • The double concave leg support provides for proper positioning and support
  • The included standard RH3500 also has a custom cover for the entire seating surfaces.
    This greatly enhances the process of cleaning the chair as it keeps chair upholstery from
    encountering a myriad of substances such as blood, urine, feces and food products
  • The wheels are rated @670lbs capacity each. They provide ease of use. Wheels have
    foot brakes and a sterring lock for ease of transport. Wheels are designed to pass the
    RESNA/ANNEX A crash test
  • Both the head section and foot section articulate infinitely
  • The RH3500 has patent(s) pending Trendelenburg system for use in a Dialysis Center
    or as needed
  • The RH3500 is tested in accordance with Annex A of ANSI/RESNA WC-4:2012, Section 19:
    Wheelchairs used as seats in motor vehicles. 3/10/2017 and Passed. This standard
    is in effect in the United States and has been since January 2017. (All chairs used in motor
    vehicles should meet this and be properly marked with official markings (Test results on file)
  • The RH3500 is FDA Registered (Documentation on File)
  • The RH3500 has 2 patents pending (Documentation on File)
  • The RH3500 is Trade Mark registered
  • The RH3500 and RH3500B have been crash tested and passed to allow for a maximum
    patient weight – RH3500 maximum patient weight is 300 lbs. RH3500B maximum patient weight is 500 lbs
  • The RH3500 total weight of chair (minus patient) 168lbs and the RH3500B total weight
    of chair (minus patient) 172lbs.