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Location Mirror Lake, New Hampshire

Granite State Adaptive Sports provides individuals who have a disability the opportunity to develop independence, confidence, life skills and fitness through participation in sports, therapy, training and recreation programs.

Granite State Adaptive Sport works with individuals age 2 through 80 who have physical, cognitive and/or emotional disabilities as well as those who are visually impaired, blind or hearing impaired. Targeted outreach is conducted toward physically and developmentally disabled youth and adults, disabled veterans, active service men and woman and at-risk youth.

Granite State Adaptive Sports Adaptive Cycling ProgramAdaptive Cycling Program
Adaptive Cycling is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors, get exercise and spend time with friends and family. Come ride on the Bridge Falls Path and The Cotton Valley Trail in Wolfeboro, NH. There are many adaptive cycles that meet the physical needs of individuals who are not able to safely ride a standard two wheeled bike. Special recumbent or upright three wheeled cycles can be pedaled by hand or foot! Tandem bikes and trailers are also a pleasure to ride.

Many individuals with the following types of disabilities enjoy adaptive cycling:
Austism – Amputee Stroke/CVA – Spinal Cord Injury – Visual Impairment – Traumatic Brain Injury – Cerebral Palsy – Neurological Disorders – Alzheimer’s – Down Syndrome – Spina Bifida – Orthopedics – Joint Replacement – Back Injury

Granite State Adaptive Sports Adaptive Cycling Program Equine ProgramGranite State Adaptive Sports Adaptive Cycling Program Equine ProgramEquine Assisted Activities and Therapy
The gait of a horse is repetitive, rhythmical, symmetrical and three-dimensional. This movement can provide numerous benefits to the rider such as:
Mobility to pelvis and spine
Improvement in posture and muscle tone
Improve balance and coordination
Strength and flexibility
Facilitation of speech and language

The human-animal bond, non-verbal communication and success oriented activities promote emotional and cognitive benefits such as:
Improved self-esteem
Increased attention span
Increased motivation
Increased self-confidence
Enriched experience in sport and recreation