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Location Boulder, Colorado

Our Mission
We’re on a mission to make technology and communication more accessible and affordable for everyone because we believe that a disability should not define one’s abilities.

What is Ava?

Ava is hands-free computer access software in virtual reality (VR). Ava runs on the Oculus Go, an affordable and untethered VR headset. With Ava you get:

  • Private computer access that includes a web browser, text editor, and text messaging
  • Intuitive software designed from the ground up to be controlled entirely through head movement
  • Voice dictation available to allow faster typing
  • Individualize the software on the fly with settings such as dwell time, keyboard selection, cursor sensitivity, virtual environment, and more
  • Mini-games specifically designed for head control
  • Different virtual environments in which to work and relax
  • New exciting features released via software updates

Write Emails & Texts
Use head-tracking or voice dictation to respond to a friend’s text message, write business emails, or do your homework hands-free.

Surf the Internet
Browse the internet, check social media, catch up on the news, watch videos, and more with the web browser.

Play Games & Relax
Choose the virtual environment that you enjoy the most and play a variety of games specifically created for head tracking.

How Ava Works