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Location Port Charlotte, Florida

Developed by a disabled man, out of necessity, the E-Z Pull Door Closer™ allows anyone living alone regularly using a walker, wheelchair, or mobility scooter, to easily close any size door behind them with little to no effort.

E-Z Pull Door CloserSimple design and construction, inexpensive, built to last, flexible, and made to fit the decor of any older model or modern built home.

To install, simply snap it to the door handle, apply the hook to the door and, Presto! A door you can easily close behind you from a sitting position with Little to no Effort!

E-Z Pull Door Closer can save you time and money by making it many times easier to close your doors, without expensive remodeling or retrofitting of your home! Saving you possibly thousands of dollars in construction costs!

It blends into your home decor so it will barely be noticed!