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Dynamic Repair Solutions

Dynamic Repair Solutions offers power wheelchair repair and maintenance services that meet our customers’ needs, we provide at-home service, and we are able to do so throughout the contiguous 48 states.

We specialize in the repair and maintenance of power wheelchairs and scooters. If you have a power wheelchair or scooter and require service, we provide the services you are seeking. Calling upon highly skilled service technicians with an expert understanding of the mechanical and electrical components of your chair, and using only the highest quality parts and accessories, we can ensure that your wheelchair is in peak condition.

Should your wheelchair require servicing at one of our facilities, you can rest easy knowing that we will provide you with a loaner chair at no cost for the duration of the repairs.

At Dynamic Repair Solutions, we understand just how important our customers’ power wheelchairs and scooters are to them and for this reason, we utilize only the highest quality components. If your chair requires service, you can trust that we will install parts that meet or exceed the manufacturing standards of your original equipment components.

What differentiates Dynamic Repair Solutions from other medical device companies? We send our technicians to your home to provide on-site service, as in the days of the traveling doctor making house calls. We understand that mobility is an issue for our customers; to ask them to get up out of their homes and travel to one of our repair facilities simply isn’t right. Additionally, by working with technicians throughout the country, we can actually broaden our reach beyond what would be possible if the service of your wheelchair or scooter was dependent on a facility in your neighborhood.