Disability Rights Arkansas

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Phone Number 6800.482.1174
Location Little Rock, Arkansas

Disability Rights Arkansas is a private, nonprofit agency with offices in Little Rock, Arkansas. Since 1977, the Governor of Arkansas has designated DRA the independent Protection and Advocacy system for persons with disabilities in Arkansas. DRA operates under authority outlined in federal law, is funded primarily through federal grants and is governed by a Board of Directors. DRA collaborates with other disability rights and civil rights organizations and agencies, the private bar and legal services to accomplish its goals and objectives.

Organizational objectives are based on the type of work Disability Rights Arkansas is uniquely qualified to perform. They provide information and referral, direct representation, legal representation, and training and outreach, all at no cost to individuals with disabilities. Not all cases taken by Disability Rights Arkansas will become legal cases, as each case is evaluated on its merits and whether or not private counsel can be obtained.