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Making life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs.

Ostomy Care Products
People living with an ostomy need to feel at ease in their daily lives. Our portfolio offers a range of innovative ostomy pouches and accessories that help people with an ostomy feel secure and confident; no matter where they are, or what they’re doing.

Bladder & Bowel Products
If you have bladder and bowel issues, help is at hand. Here you can search the wide range of catheters, urine bags, male external catheters and bowel management products.

Wound Care Products
Our Coloplast Wound Care portfolio offers a wide range of high quality solutions for optimal wound care management. Our product solutions support the management of a broad range of wounds; from non-infected, infected wounds to low, medium and high exuding wounds.

Skin Care Products
Our skin care products provide protection for at risk skin and management of injured skin; keeping users comfortable and helping health care professionals provide high-quality care. Our skin care range includes products that cleanse, moisturize and protect all types of skin for all ages.