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State of California Department of Developmental Services

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Location California

The Department of Rehabilitation, in conjunction with Assistive Technology (AT) users, AT providers and state agencies, coordinates California’s efforts to expand and improve access to AT under the Tech Act of 1993. AT Network primary mission is to:

Reduce barriers people with disabilities often face in obtaining AT.
Promote increased public awareness of what AT can do for people with disabilities.
Develop strategies to decrease duplication among state agencies and other helping organizations.

AT Network maintains a database of AT resources and providers in California, and can help locate sources of AT for specific disabilities. Referrals are made to groups that provide guidance about AT and to potential AT funding sources.
Low Interest Loans

AT Network can assist you with an Assistive Technology Loan Guarantee Program to purchase AT devices. This program provides loans at moderate interest rates to individuals with disabilities and parents or guardians to purchase assistive devices and aids. This program offers loans up to a maximum of $20,000.

For more information about the California’s AT Network, call:
(800) 390-2699 (Voice)
(800) 900-0706 (TTY)