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The Blumil is an amazing vehicle similar to an electric wheelchair, but without the burden of massive weight and difficult steering! Thanks to innovative technology of Ninebot, Segway and Airwheel combined with unique balanced seating kit, the Blumil powerchair goes wherever you want to go. Now going through forests, hills, mountains, sandy, muddy or rocky surfaces, cobblestone pavement or any uneven surface is simple and enjoyable.

To create a light and vertically positioned motorized chair with features of all – terrain access, long range and agility, a revolutionary approach was essential. It came with evolving from four wheels concept into a two – wheeled version based on Segway, Ninebot or Airwheel technology. This solution offered a compact size – not much bigger or heavier than the traditional manual wheelchair, combined with all the best features of an electric wheelchair and off road wheelachair – the speed, the range and effortless steering even in rough weather conditions.

Off road riding abilities are the cherry on top! The models of Blumil cater to all needs – for enthusiasts of just dwelling around the city, for real adventure seekers for whom only sky is the limit, or for those wanting to admire the nature in the wilderness. Despite being designed by a person with spinal injury, Blumil is a perfect solution for all kinds of limited mobility diseases, such as cerebral palsy, SM, hip joints problems, and others – moving on Blumil actually requires the ability to sit, slightly bend forwards and backwards, and slightly manipulate with at least one hand. This is what it takes, just like in a power chair.

Blumil i2
Experience freedom of riding in even the most difficult terrain. Fast, stable and convenient two-wheeled long-range mobility device that allows you to reach hard-to-reach places. Impressive range of ease of control Blumil i2 allows independence both during city tours and trips out of the city.

Blumil CityBlumil City
The lightest and fastest electric wheelchair for urban use. Long range allows you to spend all days outside! Spending time in the city has never been so comfortable thanks to an adjustable seat and a comfortable, built-in cushion.

Blumil GoBlumil Go
First of all, the Blumil Go is extremely easy to use. You stay seated in your own wheelchair. Approach the Blumil GO, press one button and connect to an electric power add on. This will convert your manual wheelchair into an electric handbike. Arrive at your destination and leave the Blumil GO. It is that simple.

Blumil JuniorBlumil Junior
The lightest electric wheelchair that grows with your child! Its agility, speed and long range will allow young users to explore the world with their friends. Adjustable height, footrest, backrest and comfortable seat will make learning and outdoor activities fun and enjoyable for years. Based on Segway / Ninebot Minipro technology, it will serve for a long time, allowing your child to develop and enjoy each day. In combination with some great features such as a battery level indicator, a safe and simple parking mechanism and the ability to adjust the handle for right and left handers, this is the best electric wheelchair for children.