Workout from your Bed with The BedGym! The BedGym is a New, Low-impact, Full-Body Sculpting Fitness Product that Helps You Strengthen, Tone & Tighten Your Body from the Comfort & Convenience of Your Own Bed! It’s that Simple!

The BedGymBedGym

  • The BedGym utilizes resistance bands and our Patented BedBelt that can help you build lean muscle and burn fat!
  • The BedGym is a low impact, easy to use – home fitness product that helps you strengthen and tone your body from the comfort and convenience of your own bed. You can use it sitting, laying, or standing next to your bed.  Its many attachment points give you more options and angles to keep your workouts new and exciting!
  • The BedGym is so Versatile, you can do tons of exercises with this one piece of equipment! Work your upper body, lower body, abs, booty, or full body simultaneously using 4 resistance bands at the same time! 
  • The BedGym is great for beginners looking to start a routine that isn’t intimidating.  It’s also beneficial for fitness enthusiasts who are looking to supplement and get that extra edge!
  • The instability of your mattress can help trigger your core muscles even more, and can help you burn more calories-similar to working out on an exercise ball.
  • We know how important your time is and how hard it is to squeeze in your daily workouts…The BedGym provides you a simple solution with its convenience, comfort, and ease of use. You can now get a quick workout in any time of day or night!