Beach’N Buggy’s has leveled the playing-field; it allows everyone to get out on the sand and get a little sunshine in their lives.

Every beach wheelchair from Beach N Buggy’s is custom designed with the client’s needs considered throughout the entire building process. Our chairs are built with all heavy duty components; using 4 pole 1 hp motors, 24 volt 120 amp controller/joystick combination. We also allow customers to choose between 55ah or 33ah batteries. We can powdercoat your Buggy’s any color under the sun. We also offer racing or traditional seats.

Beach N Buggy’s offers a 4 wheel design for a more traditional wheelchair and a 3 wheel design for a more sport style wheelchair, as well as custom builds for beach carts. The motors, control systems and tires are where much of the cost comes into play. As you can imagine nothing on these chairs is readily available and most parts are handmade in small quantities.

Beach Wheelchair Models From Beach N Buggy’s