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Location Columbia, Indiana

Be Adaptive now manufactures adaptive shooting equipment for all physical disabilities. Whether you just need help pulling the trigger or if you are a high quad with no hand or arm movement, Be Adaptive has you covered with a specially designed piece of equipment to meet your needs!

Be Adaptive Products

Be Adaptive Equipment Model HQ100

A high quad unit designed for use by people with no arm or hand use.
This model can be operated completely with your mouth and chin, ”Standard” or choose a Option. The HQ100 comes standard with a power trigger to fire the weapon. This is operated by a very slight suction on the High Quad pistol mount blue tube in the picture. Windage and elevation are controlled by the joystick that can be operated by your chin.

The selectable speed controls on the windage and elevation allow you to set the speed that is most comfortable for you. The simplicity of the HQ100 allows it to operate with crossbows, rifles, and shotguns. The HQ100 comes standard with a recoil compensation mechanism to help absorb the recoil of the weapon being fired. The equipment operates on 12 volt DC power and comes with a pigtail that can be attached to one of the batteries in your chair.

Model HQPM – High Quad pistol mount

Be Adaptive Equipment Model HQPM is a new pistol mount that installs into the Model HQ100 in just seconds. Plug in the trigger mechanism which is included in the new pistol mount to your existing controls and you are ready to shoot a wide variety of pistols, including auto loaders and double action revolvers, or any long gun with a pistol grip. If you have guns that you had to cut off stock for a different style of gun mount, they can now be used with the new pistol mount set up.