Assistive Technology Resource Centers of Hawaii

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Location Honolulu, Hawaii

Assistive Technology Resource Centers of Hawaii Technical AssistanceAssistive Technology Resource Centers of Hawaii (ATRC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, resource center that provides access to assistive technology (AT) for people with disabilities of all ages, enabling independence and participation in every aspect of community life, including employment and education.

ATRC offers free programs to the community. These programs are geared to the education of individuals with disabilities, their friends and family members, professionals, institutions and anyone else interested in assistive technology.

As a resource center, ATRC’s mission is to link persons with technology and as such, ATRC will utilize demonstrations, outreach, technical assistance, public awareness, device loans and trials, financial loans and other programs to meet that mission. ATRC unbiased opinion regarding assistive technology provides the community with a broader overview of what is available and how it works.

ATRC Hawaii is ready to provide rehabilitation technology services (RTS) to vocational rehabilitation (VR) consumers statewide. ATRC will meet and provide the scope of services which include: individual assessment, consultation and planning, provision of services, devices, training, and maintenance for the individual with a disability, and employers or other individuals who provide services to, employ and/or involved in the major functions of the individual with a disability.

As the State of Hawaii’s designated Tech Act agency, ATRC provides technical assistance to assist programs and agencies in the State in improving their services, management, policies, and/or outcomes via various means: in-person, electronic media, i.e. video, telephone, e-mail. Services rendered that can be found at ATRC are needs assessment, program planning or development, administrative or management consultation, and policy development.