Adapts Transfer SlingADAPTS makes it easier to transfer passengers with disabilities safely and comfortably. Designed for travel, the compact sling not only eases the transfer between wheelchair and seat, it can also remain on the seat during travel so that it’s ready for use if an emergency occurs.

ADAPTS reduces the risk of injury and speeds evacuation. Use it to transfer the passenger from a wheelchair to their seat, leaving it on the seat. Then, during an emergency evacuation, ADAPTS can be carried by two crew members or by the passengers immediately behind and across the aisle from the disabled passenger.

Features & Benefits

  • The sling design of this portable transfer device makes it easy to navigate narrow aisles quickly and safely.
  • The handle position enables two passengers to carry the sling while walking single-file down the aisle—not side-by-side like other transfer devices.
  • Made from soft, pliable material, ADAPTS is water- and flame-retardant, compact, and intuitive to use—no assembly required.
  • The lightweight sling weighs about a pound and folds into itself to create a convenient tote.
  • With no sharp edges, buckles or rigid frames, it comfortably cradles the disabled traveler and won’t damage seats or inflatable egress slides.