Young male wheelchair user on a pier exercising with a weight in his right hand.Fitness equipment for wheelchair users can really help with the task of staying in shape, even with a spinal cord injury or paralysis.

The collection of fitness equipment on this page is not an exhaustive list of adaptive exercise equipment. It is merely a sampling of the large and diverse selection of available equipment. Some of these devices are more suitable for home use than others, and some cost way more than others. In either event, the formula for success is dependent on what the user adds in – commitment, focus, determination.

Before you jump in and start working out, remember to seek the advice of a qualified therapist or trainer. Success will take some time and a personalized game plan. Injuries can take only a second. Enjoy the tour, and be sure to click on the images for the larger versions.

Fitness Equipment For Wheelchair Users – A Visual Tour

Pedal ExerciserWheelchair Exerciser

Wheelchair exerciser provides a low impact way to exercise your arms or legs. Safe, gentle and easy to use
with polished chrome-plated steel frame construction and rubber tips that prevent the exercise pedal from sliding across surfaces. Great for cardiovascular fitness. The center knob increases pedal resistance and the unit is fully assembled. Product Source

Wheelchair Workout KitWheelchair Workout Kit

Tone your muscles throughout the day with this Wheelchair Workout Kit. Everything you need is included to make virtually any wheelchair into a fitness chair! Kit includes: 5 x sets of progressive resistance tubes, 2 x Handles , 1 x combination hand/finger exerciser and a Carrying Case. Each kit includes instructions for: Bicep Curls (Muscles Benefited: Biceps), Chest Fly (Muscles Benefited: Pectoral major and minor, triceps and deltoids), Overhead Press (Muscles Benefited: Pectoral major and minor, triceps and deltoids), Ab Crunch (Muscles Benefited: Abdominal), Lateral Shoulder Raises (Muscles Benefited: Shoulders). Product Source

McLain Wheelchair RollerMclain Wheelchair Training Roller

One of the most convenient and practical means of wheelchair training and exercise in the home are Mclain Wheelchair Training Rollers. This easy to assemble device can be put together with no tools, requires no electrical power, and can fit in small spaces. The Mclain Wheelchair Training Roller has three speeds and can accommodate standard manual wheelchairs and sports wheelchiars (not racing wheelchairs). The Roller allows for easy access and conveniently folds for storage. Product source

Eectorized Dip RickshawEquilizer Selectorized Dip Rickshaw

The Selectorized Dip Rickshaw comes complete with it’s own weight stack so there is no need to add, remove or store all of those weight plates. To change your desired weight simply remove and replace the selector pin in the 300# stack. The handles adjust both in height (from 30′ to 37″) and width (from 24′ to 44″) to accommodate almost any user. It also comes standard with easy grip Tetra handles and a pipe rail down both sides that can be used as a tie down point when using heavier weights. All pivot points have a sealed bearing to ensure a lifetime of smooth operation. Product Source

Sammons Preston Active Passive PROSammons Preston Active Passive PRO

The Sammons Preston Active Passive PRO provides upper and lower body therapeutic exercise for geriatric and post-acute patients. The bi-directional Passive Range-of-Motion phase allows users with a lack of strength or coordination or cardiopulmonary or orthopedic limitations the ability to exercise. The Active Resistance phase enables patients to progress beyond their original lower functional level to exercise at a higher functional level. Measures 28″W x 34″L x 42″H. Product Source

Over the Door Upper Body Resistance Pulley System ExerciserOver the Door Upper Body Resistance Pulley System Exerciser

The Over The Door Pulley Exerciser turns any door into your home gym! Tone your abs, arms, chest, upper back and enhance your range of motion with this resistance system that easily anchors to the top of a door. Measures about 38″ long from hand strap to pulley. Product Source

Weider Neoprene Dumbbell, 1-10lbsWeider Neoprene Dumbbell, 1-10lbs

Weider Neoprene Dumbbell, 1-10lbs Have flat tops and bottoms to prevent your weight from rolling across the floor or underfoot while you are between sets. The Weider Neoprene Dumbbell has been dipped in a neoprene coating for a secure hold. Sized for convenient and easy storage and transport, allowing you to use your weights at home or take it to your favorite studio class with ease. No need to guess how much you’re lifting, each weight’s end cap features the dumbbell weight. Product Source

Vitaglide Wheelchair Fitness MachineVitaglide Wheelchair Fitness Machine

The VitaGlide is a revolutionary wheelchair accessible fitness machine that raises the bar for seated fitness programs. Using its patented linear, push-pull technology, the VitaGlide increases range of motion and involves more muscle groups, resulting in a more effective and efficient workout when compared to traditional seated systems. Use of the VitaGlide helps to tone the upper body and rehabilitate the shoulders, all while providing a phenomenal cardiovascular workout. The VitaGlide is the result of extensive research into the causes of shoulder injuries and pain, especially amongst wheelchair users. Product Source

Wheelchair Fitness SolutionWheelchair Fitness Solution

Wheelchair Fitness Solution™ is the first complete fitness system designed specifically for the person with a disability. It is perfect for in-home use or physical therapy clinical facility use! The Wheelchair Fitness Solution™ will meet everyone’s needs! It is entirely accessible and flexible, so the range of workouts you can do are endless. Designed by a disabled military veteran, the Wheelchair Fitness Solution™ fills a need for a comprehensive fitness system that provides rehabilitative exercises for not only wheelchair users… it can be used by all, regardless of ability levels. Product Source

Cando Chair CycleCando Chair Cycle

The Cando Chair Cycle provides an excellent exercise alternative for individuals who cannot sit safely on a stationary bike. The cycle helps restore muscle strength and coordination to the upper and lower extremities. Ideal for use in the bed, chair, wheelchair or on the floor. Resistance fully adjusts from 0 lbs. – 29 lbs., and the deluxe model features adjustable pedal positions and leg length to accommodate many sizes of users. Product Source

How iRoll Sports Adaptive Wheelchair Resistance Band SetHow iRoll Sports Adaptive Wheelchair Resistance Band Set

How iRoll Sports resistance bands are made with high quality materials to ensure maximum life. This set of resistance bands includes 5 stackable bands, 2 handles, 2 adaptive wrist straps, 1 door anchor, and a carrying pouch for all items. Perfect therapeutic resistance exercise bands for paraplegic and quadriplegic wheelchair users looking to increase strength and range of motion! Product Source

Invictus Active TrainerInvictus Active Trainer

Designed specifically for wheelchair users the Invictus Active Trainer improves your fitness, balance and technique enabling you to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals – used in the home, gym or clinic it is helping people worldwide. Product Source

The Resistance Gym 400The Resistance Gym 400

The Wall Gym 400 was designed to outperform the best home gyms on the market. It is the perfect commercial grade resistance training workout gym for fitness training all areas of your body. With this one piece of gym equipment you can work all your major muscle groups including your shoulders, arms, chest, back, legs, and abs. Also, this is the perfect gym for Physical Therapy rehab and for people in wheelchairs. It uses a unique easy method of sliding. Product Source

EasyStand P2100 StrapStandEasyStand P2100 StrapStand.

The EasyStand StrapStand has the most innovative lift design of any strap-style stander. Using dual-hinged lifting arms, the StrapStand gently raises a user vertically then gradually pulls them to the standing position reducing knee pressure, unlike other standers that pull a user into the knee pad creating excessive patella pressure. The StrapStand gives people the option to stand without transferring. Often, users are incapable of self-transfers or patient lifting is a concern for staff. In these cases, standing is possible directly from a wheelchair, bed, or other seated surface. Product Source

Adjustable-Height TablesAdjustable-Height Tables

The Adjustable-Height Tables is used with the Colorado and Saratoga Cycles and will get you closer approach to your cycle than with a regular table – regardless of wheelchair arm rests or joystick. The exclusive T-shaped table top anchors your cycle with 3 lockdowns. You can customize the height of your workout – from 24″ to 34″ (61 cm to 86 cm) – with the cycle table’s easy air-spring assist Four-caster system provide easy mobility when you want to move the cycle table. Four-caster system providing no-skid floor plates and stabilizers to provide rock-solid immobility during even the most rigorous arm workouts. Product Source

Rickshaw ExerciserRickshaw Exerciser

The Ricksahw Exerciser is ideal for developing the strength required for seated transfers. Rickshaw concentrates on the muscles of the upper body, especially deltoids and triceps. Handles adjust quickly and easily to accommodate different body sizes for a more precise workout. Partial assembly required. Product Source

VitaGloves – Wheelchair Grip Assist Exercise Gloves

VitaGloves come as a pair, but if you are only exercising one hand you can use them interchangeably on the right hand or the left hand. They are revolutionary and fabricated from a unique new material called VitaTex. The fabric has air-circulation holes and does not retain moisture allowing for a comfortable grip for extended periods of time. It is the perfect grip assist gloves to handle all of your home gym equipment, wheelchair exercise equipment, in physical rehabilitation facilities, mobility equipment or any other exercise equipment. Product Source

Ex N’ Flex EF-275 miniEx N’ Flex EF-275 mini

The Ex N’ Flex EF-275 mini is specifically designed to provide daily range of movement from the bed or chair. The closely spaced foot rests and small amplitude are ideal for accommodating individuals experiencing increased adductor tone and /or limited range of movement do to joint stiffness or contractures. Passive Mode, has the legs rotated by the electrical motor in an orbital mode similar to cycling. Active Mode allows you to assist the motor using your own strength to help push the foot Pedals. Product Source

EX N FLEX - EF-100 - Arm MachineEX N FLEX – EF-100 – Arm Machine

The Ex N’ Flex EF-100 Arm Therapy Machine was designed for people who have little or no control over arm, shoulder and trunk movement. Wheelchair accessible exercise equipment! In passive mode, the arms and shoulder are rotated by the electrical motor in a slow predictable orbital motion. In active mode you can assist the motor to move the arm crank with your own muscles, thus building and maintaining strength and endurance in the arm and shoulder. The Ex N Flex EF-100 is very compact, lightweight and easily moveable with specially designed wheels and lockdowns. The EF-100 offers three distinct movement patterns which provide the most complete mobility for the arm and shoulder. The accessible control panel offers easy operation, with a biofeed indicator, forward and reverse directions and three speed levels for passive or active therapy. It is height adjustable to allow use from any chair or wheel chair. Security is assured with specially designed arm carriage and an automatic safety shutdown. Product Source

HUR Biceps : Triceps-Accessible ST9110HUR Biceps / Triceps-Accessible ST9110

The HUR Accessible Dual Functioning Biceps/ Triceps machine is exercise equipment specifically designed for wheelchair using adults to safely and independently build strength in the muscles of the biceps and triceps. Product Source

Theracycle 100 Exercise BikeTheracycle 100 Exercise Bike

The Theracycle 100 is designed as a leg exercise bike that promotes a lower body workout while sitting in a chair or wheelchair and is aimed at the home user. Unlike traditional leg machines, the motorized design assists the user with a low-impact cycling motion. Product Source

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