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Action Manufacturing Inc. is the home of the revolutionary Action Trackchair and Action Trackstander. Our model lineup includes six Trackchair ST models, five Trackchair NT models and five Trackstander TR models. Several US and Canadian patents cover our vast product line. The Trackstander introduced in 2010 allows the user to operate it as a sit down style chair or by using a button on the joystick the Trackstander will lift you to a full standing position. The health benefits of standing as defined by the medical industry can include increased digestive and circulatory function, improvements in bone density and a reduction in pressure sores to name a few. Add to this the psycho-social and quality of life benefits that come with being outdoors actively engaged in activities.

Both the Trackchair and Trackstander use two AGM batteries, electric motors and a traditional joystick control system to operate the units. All terrain means the units are at home in the mud, snow and sand that is typical in hunting and fishing environments. There are an abundance of accessories that can be added to the units such as gun racks, fishing rod holders and roughly 30 other options and accessories. There are 17 standard (no cost) colors to select from and custom color choices are available. As we know customers come in different sizes so we offer 16 different models/size choices to insure proper fit and comfort. The entire line of Trackchairs, Trackstanders, options and accessories can be viewed at

Sales and service of the Trackchairs and Trackstanders is managed through a network of dealers located throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. For a complete listing of dealers and distributors visit