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Disability Products & Services In New York

Listed are disability products and services in New York that can improve the quality of life and personal independence of persons living with a spinal cord injury or paralysis. Click through to view the details of any listing and to find contact information.

Westchester Mobility – Accessible Vehicles In Westchester County, NY

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The experienced consultants at Westchester Mobility will guide you through the accessible vehicle selection process and financing options.

Empower Wheelchair Seating & Mobility Clinic In Niagara Falls, NY

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Empower Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Clinic offers comprehensive seating and positioning evaluations for individuals who require the use of either power and/or manually wheelchairs.

Bussani Mobility Team – Wheelchair Accessible Vans In New York

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For over 40 years, Bussoni Mobility Team has been selling, servicing and renting wheelchair accessible vans to people with disabilities in the New York Metro area.

Agor Enterprises Wheelchair Van Rental & Sales In New York

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Agor Enterprises is a wheelchair van dealer located in the Rochester and Syracuse NY area, specializing sales and rentals, as well as driving aids, in home mobility and stair lifts.

Helen Hayes Hospital Adaptive Sports & Recreation In Haverstraw, NY

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From sailing to cycling and golf to gardening, the Helen Hayes Hospital Adapted Sports & Recreation Program is a four-season initiative serving individuals with a range of abilities, interests and skills.

Adaptive Sports Foundation – Recreational & Competitive Programs In New York State

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The Adaptive Sports Foundation (ASF) is a non-profit organization that provides profound and life changing experiences for children and adults with physical and cognitive disabilities and chronic illnesses through outdoor physical activity, education, support and community.

ADAPT Community Network – New York City

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Visit Website Contact (212) 683-6700 New York, New York ADAPT Community Network is a leading human service not-for-profit and a pioneer in providing cutting edge programs and services for people with disabilities. Every day, we build a more inclusive world for thousands of New [...]

NYC Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities

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The Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities is the liaison between NYC government and the disability community. MOPD ensures that the rights and concerns of the disability community are included in all City initiatives and that City programs and policies address the needs of people with disabilities.

Evac + Chair – Stairway Evacuation Chair

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Evac+Chair is a universal evacuation solution for smooth stairway descent during an emergency. Single user operation ensures no heavy lifting or manual handling is required during emergency evacuation procedures.

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury can result in paralysis of the muscles used for breathing; paralysis and/or loss of feeling in all or some of the trunk, arms, and legs; weakness; numbness; loss of bowel and bladder control; and numerous secondary conditions including respiratory problems, pressure sores, and sometimes fatal spikes in blood pressure. Approximately 12,000 new spinal cord injuries occur in the U.S. each year. A majority of injuries occur from motor vehicle accidents, falls, work-related accidents, sports injuries, and penetrations such as stab or gunshot wounds.

Our Membership Community

Our membership community provides a lifeline for many individuals that are focused on regaining their independence and improving their quality of life––whether they are leaving rehab after sustaining a spinal cord injury, learning to live with symptoms of a spinal cord disorder, or have spent years of frustration coping with disability. We provide members guidance and resources on a variety of topics they are passionate about, such as employment, affordable housing, transportation, health care, home- and community-based independent living, education, peer support, and leisure and recreation.
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Ask Us

United Spinal’s Ask Us program connects you with information, resources, and access to our “Ask Us Spinal Cord Central” help center. Browse the Knowledge Books below for answers to your questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for just Ask Us and one of our knowledgeable staff will provide you with answers.