We know you! You’re an advocate who desires nothing more than a fair shake for people with disabilities. Things like equitable treatment, employment ,accessible housing and transportation, benefits and health services, products and supplies, personal independence and a place in our society.

Here’s a little about us:

Alexandra Bennewith, MPA
Alexandra Bennewith, MPAVice President, Government Relations

Alex came to United Spinal in 2011 and has still not had an opportunity to catch her breath. Along with being the buck stops here person in United Spinal’s Policy Program, she also coordinates our public policy initiatives and partnerships, manages our annual Roll on Capitol Hill legislative and advocacy event, and thinks up new and creative ways to keep the pressure on our elected friends.


Ross Meglathery, MPA
Ross Meglathery, MPADirector VetsFirst, a program of United Spinal Association

Semper Fi! That’s a great way to start describing Ross. Prior to signing up with United Spinal, Ross spent over 15 years in the military. He is currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Reserve and is charged with managing United Spinal’s VetsFirst Program. Ross and his staff work with our veterans to keep the VA honest and the earned benefits coming.


Jasey Cárdenas
Jasey CárdenasSenior Policy Associate

Jasey came to United Spinal last May. Before joining United Spinal, he was a Legislative Assistant on Capitol Hill specializing in Healthcare and Civil Rights, amongst many others. Jasey has become a great asset to us on these complex subjects and in giving us an insider’s feel for The Hill.


Jennifer Wolff
Jennifer WolffManager, Advocacy Alliance

Jenn is a practicing occupational therapist in Waverly, IA who is our grassroots advocacy organizer. She began advocating for improved wheelchair coverage and policy change in 2010 and has been going strong ever since. Somehow she still finds time to stay involved with consumer groups, professional organizations and her local United Spinal chapter. Her goal is to help educate and encourage others to find their voice and use it for change.


Kent Keyser
Kent KeyserPublic Policy Fellow
Prior to coming to United Spinal, Kent had a thirty-seven year career working for a member of Congress doing everything from a summer internship to serving as chief of staff. Kent came away with a strong commitment to constituents that he has put to work advocating for United Spinal’s legislative agenda.
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